Imagine being available for the healthy, stable relationship that you always envisioned... finding that perfectly, imperfect partner.

Preparing for the Jungle will help you sort through the past, stabilize the present and prepare for the future in a safe and structured environment. You will change how you see yourself, others and the course of your life in a positive and empowering way. Through this process you will begin to attract the people you've envisioned being with to you.


Tami Kiekhaefer

Your Guide

Hi! I'm Tami Kiekhaefer

I am a Colorado born and raised, mountain and river loving, camping, skiing, yoga practicing mom of two teenage boys and 2 Goldendoodles. I received my Bachelor of Science at Colorado State and my Masters of Social Work from Cal State San Bernardino.

I have provided couples counseling, individual and family therapy for kids, adolescents and adults for the past 20 years. I have gained an expertise in depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship and intimacy issues. I developed “Preparing for the Jungle” to teach what I know is required to achieve a healthy relationship. As I have worked with thousands of clients from different backgrounds, cultures, sexual orientations, and social economic structures, one thing remains the same...

There is a direct correlation between how we communicate and resolve conflict, and how successful and fulfilling our personal relationships are.

Depression and anxiety, as well as our self-worth, also stem from our ability to problem solve and cope with what life throws our way.

A person's power to grow never fails to amaze me, and I am grateful to be part of your journey.

In this course we will examine, stabilize and prepare to set you on the path you were meant to follow. To attract and discover the one you have envisioned...

Examine the Past

Explore Family Roles

Examine Conflict Resolution Methods

Recognize Communication Patterns

Analyze Self Worth Growing Up

Understand the Role of Trauma and Attachment

Find Forgiveness


Identify Insecurities and Learn to Overcome

Manage Anxiety and Develop Coping Skills

Improve Confidence and Self-Worth

Learn Steps to Evaluate a Relationship

Gain Insight into Red-Flag Issues

Develop Non-Negotiables

Navigate through Distorted Thinking

Define the Foundation of a Relationship


Understand Healthy vs Toxic Intimacy

Evaluate a Potential Partner

Cast the Net

Check List Interview

~You're investing in yourself~